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Face your Drug Test with Confidence

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Do you remember back in grade school that dreaded feeling of having to take a test that you hadn’t studied for? Well the same feeling can arise when you have to take a pre employment drug screening test or other drug test. Preparation is half the battle to being successful. Our home test kits help you overcome that feeling and let you go into your test confident that you will pass or enable you to take the proper measures to assure that you will pass. Even if you are not going to take a drug test these kits are an invaluable resource to evaluate the presence of any toxins in your body. From the comfort and privacy of your own home you can determine the presence of marijuana, cocaine, opiates, alcohol, methamphetamines, oxycodone and other substances in your urine or saliva. We even have a home hair follicle test kit that you can prepare and send out to a certified lab to check for the presence of unwanted substances in your hair. So don’t let a drug screen rattle you. Forewarned is forearmed.