Opiate (Heroin) Detox Kits

Face your Drug Test with Confidence

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Passing a Drug Test for Opiates can be easily achieved with just a few simple procedures and the use of one or more of our Opiate Detox kits. First and foremost, abstaining from any use of the opiates for at least two to four days is a must if you hope to pass your drug test. There are many recreational and prescription drugs that fall under the opiate category. The cutoff levels for opiate testing have been raised from 300ng/ml to 2000ng /ml due to many false positives being recorded after people were tested after eating poppy seeds. We offer many drug detox kits that will help you pass your drug test whether you want to start early with our two step program where you begin to detoxify up to 25 days in advance or you just want to pass the test that day. Our Fast Opiate (HER, MOR) Detox Kits are designed to work in just about two hours before your test and give you a passing result while our 2 Step Opiate Detox kits are designed to work over a longer period of time.

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