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A Urine Drug Test is the most common Drug Test performed today. A Detox Drink is designed to help you pass a Urine Drug Test. The drink acts as a quick flush to temporarily flush any toxins out of your urinary tract so that when you go to provide a sample to the lab it is a clear urine of your own making. The drinks last up to 6 hours, and will make you want to urinate several times over those few hours to pass your urine drug test. The first few urinations will be the toxins leaving your urinary tract, so you want to make sure to urinate a few times before going to the lab and providing a sample.

All of our products are safe, and easy to use, and not masking agents, so they’re completely undetectable. You must remain clean for at for at least two to four days before beginning any Detox program, whether it be over a long period of time, or just a quick flush.

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