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  • July 20th, 2017

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  • July 10th, 2017

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  • May 23rd, 2017

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  • December 17th, 2015

    The Top 7 Home Remedies You Should NEVER Use to Pass Your Drug Test (Part 2)

    In our previous blog entry, we discussed some home remedies that you should never use for your drug test because of their uselessness or, in some cases, even danger for your health. These remedies included vinegar, niacin, bleach, and goldenseal. Today, we will talk about a few more remedies that people use to pass a drug test…but still fail miserably.

    1. Ammonia.

    744563There is a myth out there that ammonia can mask the drug metabolites in your urine when added to the sample. The truth is, however, that it’s not just useless, but also easily detectable. As a result, in addition to failing the test, you might also face the legal consequences of tampering with the results.



    This chemical is often used as an ingredient in the production of jams and jellies. You can find a lot of articles on the Internet claiming that this home remedy will help you to pass a drug test. However, none of these claims have been supported by scientific evidence.

    3. Salt.


    This remedy has absolutely no effect on drug metabolites in your urine when added to the sample. Moreover, if it’s undissolved, it will sink to the bottom of your sample and will be easily detected by the test technicians.

    In conclusion, don’t try to tamper with your test results using home remedies. The biggest issues with these methods that they actually change gravity, pH-levels and creatinine levels of your sample. So your employer will be able to see that you tried to mask the drug metabolites which is worse then simply failing the test. There are a lot of undetectable products that you can use without taking this risk, such as permanent detox products, fast detox kits, or synthetic urine. They might cost a bit more than home remedies, isn’t that awesome job you’ve applied for worth it?

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  • December 2nd, 2015

    The Top 7 Home Remedies You Should NEVER Use to Pass Your Drug Test (Part 1)

    Some people, when faced with a drug test, decide to use some home remedies instead of purchasing a detox kit. There are a lot of home remedies that one uses to pass a drug test. Most of them are just ineffective, but some of them are even dangerous for your health. In this article, we will talk about the most popular home remedies, and will explain why you should never use them.

    1. Vinegar

    149820-328x366-apple-cider-vinegarAll it will do is burn your mouth. It’s absolutely useless when you drink it in hope that it will mask toxins that you have in your system. If you add it to your sample, it will change the PH of your urine, and the sample will be considered invalid.

    2. Niacin (B3)


    This home remedy is not simply useless but also dangerous for your health. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that niacin will help you to pass a test. Actually, taking too much niacin might have serious consequences for you. Your body only needs 15 mg of niacin per day. If you go over, you might experience such symptoms as severe skin flushing, dizziness, itching, diarrhea, etc. Also, it can cause permanent damage to your liver.

    3. Bleach.


    This is another myth that has no scientific grounds. If you add it to you sample, it will simply destroy it. If you drink it (don’t do that!) it might bring you to emergency room.

    4. Goldenseal


    In contrast to the previous home remedies, it’s a healthy supplement, so it’s not dangerous for you. Moreover, it does work as a masking agent, so can hide the drug metabolites you have in your system. However, now the labs test for the presence of this herb, so if you take goldenseal, they will be able to see that you were tampering with the specimen.

    To Be Continued…

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  • October 3rd, 2015

    Can You Take the Detox Products If You Are On Meds?

    An important thing to know before taking detox products which help you to pass a drug test is that they take out absolutely everything you have in your system, including medication you might have a prescription for. We get a lot of calls from our customers asking advice on if they can combine detox products with pharmaceutical drugs. And we always reply that you need to talk to your doctor about this because it’s about your health, and therefore it’s important.

    However, we understand that some of our customers are not able to discuss this issue with their doctors  because they feel uncomfortable talking to them about taking detox products in order to pass a drug test. So here is some information about how detox products work in combination with meds.


    As we mentioned earlier, our detox products take everything out of your system. So the effect of your meds will be, at least, reduced for the time you are taking the product. Take this into account as it might affect your health.

    Also, there are situations when you might need a certain medication to show up on your test because you were prescribed it and should have been taking it. And still, you need to take a detox product because you don’t want to fail a drug test for, say, marijuana.   So what to do in this case to make sure that marijuana doesn’t show up but the pharmaceutical drug does?

    What you can do is taking a medication that you need to show up right before the drug test (but after you took the detox product). In this way, the prescribed medication will still show up on your drug test.

    Good luck on your test!

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  • July 26th, 2014

    So How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System, Anyway?

    There is a lot of confusion about how long does marijuana (THC) stay in your system. In comparison with other drugs, it stays in your body the longest because it’s stored in your fat cells and is not water-soluble. One of the biggest myths in the world of drug testing is that you can flush THC out with water just like you can do with cocaine or opiates. This is simply not true, as in order to get rid of THC you would have to burn your fat cells, and drinking water or other liquids doesn’t really help with it.


    The length of time marijuana actually stays in your body depends on several factors, such as your metabolite rate, your weight, and amount and frequency of use. In simple words, a skinny person who is a light user with high metabolism has much higher chances to pass a drug test than an overweight heavy user with low metabolism.

    There are some natural ways to accelerate the process of detoxing from marijuana if you have at least a few weeks before your drug test. However, if you only have a few days before the deadline, there is nothing you can really do except for purchasing a product that will help you pass.

    Below, we compiled for you an approximate timeline of how long the THC stays in your system. This approach only accounts for amount and frequency of use, and doesn’t take into consideration your weight and your metabolism rate. But based on what you’ve read in this article, you can make an educated guess of how long THC will stay in your system.

    Urine Drug Test

    One time user may test positive for up to 1 week

    Moderate user (using once a week) may test positive for up to 2 weeks

    Heavy user (using three times a week) may test positive for up to 1 month

    Extremely heavy user (using every day) may test positive for up to 3 months

    Hair Drug Test

    On a hair drug test, THC will appear as positive for up to 90 days after use. It stays in your hair the same amount of time as other drugs do, which means forever: once it’s locked in your hair strand, there is nothing much you can do except for using a shampoo that will help you pass. However, on the drug test they only take 1½  inches of your hair, and it helps them to detect if you smoked within the last 3 months.

    Saliva Drug Test

    If you have to take a saliva drug test, we have good news for you: it’s the best test to take for marijuana smokers. It will only show up positive on your drug test if you smoked less then 24 hours before the test, otherwise you will pass with flying colors! It’s the only test that is easier to pass for marijuana smokers than for meth or opiate users.

    See a detection time for other substances here.

    Drug Detection Time
  • July 15th, 2014

    The Aftermath of Failing a Drug Test

    Many people wonder what the consequences are for failing a drug test for employment. The answer is: it depends. There are a few possible scenarios from simply not getting the job you applied for to going to jail.


    In case you test positive for substance use, the outcome then depends on your employer’s policy as well as on state and local laws. If failed a pre-employment test, the employer will most likely not hire you. If it is a random workplace drug test you may be fired. In this case, your state may deny you benefits like unemployment or disability compensation.

    If your employer and the state that you live in don’t have a mandatory zero tolerance policy, you might still keep your job. Some employers can go as far as offering you the employee assistance program, or ask you to enroll into a drug treatment program without being fired. This can happen in case the enrollment into a treatment program will cost your employer less then hiring a replacement.

    How about the worst case-scenario? Well, you most likely won’t get arrested for failing a drug test. However if you are caught carrying or selling drugs on the workplace, it’s a completely different story. If your employer reports you to the authorities, you may go to jail. At this point, you need to consider talking to an attorney.

    You can always refuse to take a drug test, but in this case it is equated to failing.

    One more thing. Keep in mind that you may fail a drug test due to a simple error. The error rates for drug screening are 5%-14%. If you are not a drug user, ask you employer to do a confirmation test.

    In a nutshell, failing a drug test is a very unpleasant experience. You can lose your job, or even your freedom. If you know you will be facing a drug test in future, try to abstain from using. If you have used something but still have a lot of time before the drug test, you can try some natural methods that will accelerate the detox process. If the test is right around the corner, and you are panicking because you used just a few days ago, remember that there are plenty of products on the market that can help you pass the test without further complications.

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  • July 8th, 2014

    Why is it so difficult to pass a nail drug test?

    Nail drug test is considered to be the hardest drug test to pass. While there are many products on the market for urine, saliva, blood or hair drug testing, in case of a nail drug test there is basically nothing you can do.


    The structure of a fingernail is similar to the structure of hair. Nails and hair are both composed of hard protein (keratin). The same as with the hair, drug metabolites are deposited into nails from the bloodstream, and they remain locked in the structure of the nail as it grows. However, fingernails are four times thicker than hair, and they are also capable of capturing more substance. The metabolites locked in the nail structure can be detected as soon as 1 week after use, and remain there up to 6 month after use (until the nails get cut). Toenails grow at a much slower rate, and drug metabolites can be detected in them even one year after use.

    There are some companies that advertise products that can help you to pass a nail drug test, but the efficiency of these products has not been proven. I contacted one of these companies to find out more about how their products work. As it turns out, one has to clean the nails from drug metabolites by spending up to ten hours soaking the nails in chemical solution. I’m not sure if it’s a safe method in concerns to health.

    Some sources suggest that there are certain vitamins that one can take that make the nail grow faster.  This is simply not true. These vitamins only make the nails stronger, but there is nothing that can accelerate their growth.

    However, it might be a good idea to clip your nails as close to the base as possible before going to the nail drug test. It can help you to pass in case you didn’t do any drugs for a long time, and all the metabolites are concentrated in the tip of the nail that gets cut off. Except for that, there is nothing one can do to pass a nail drug test.

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  • June 30th, 2014

    How to Naturally Detox from Marijuana

    A lot of people, when faced with a drug test, choose the fastest and easiest way to pass. They end up buying products that work as masking agents, and that just hide the traces of drug metabolites they have in their system for the time of their test. We sell such products, so if you need them you can check them out.

    However, if you need to detox from marijuana (THC), and have at least several weeks before your test, you can choose another, much healthier option, that both will help you to pass, and also will clean out your system.

    Earlier, we wrote about the home remedies that don’t work and/or are dangerous for your health. However, there still are some natural ways to detox from marijuana before the test. Here is how it works.

    Because THC is a fat-soluble drug (in contrast prevalent majority of drugs that are water soluble), the best way to detox from it is to combine low carbohydrate diet with cardio.

    It is quite simple to understand why exercising helps you to detoxify. In a nutshell, you just get rid of drug metabolites by burning the fat cells where they are stored. But how low carbohydrate diet works? The explanation here is that the carbs that we consume are broken down by our body into glucose, which is later used by us as a fuel. If you don’t burn this glucose, it turns into fat. And vice versa: when the amount of carbs that you consume is insufficient, in order to get energy your body starts to lyse (breakdown and destroy) your fat cells along with THC metabolites!

    Low carbs products include meat, fish, fruits, nuts, and other healthy stuff. Just try to stay away from sugar, artificial sweeteners, French fries, pizza, and other products that you can tell are bad for you just by looking at them.

    Remember, that in order to be able to detoxify your body from marijuana in a natural way, you need to have at least several weeks before the day of your test.

    Also, keep in mind that if you have to take a drug test, you need to stop your exercises and low carb diet 48 hours before the test, so that the drug metabolites that may have stayed in your fat cells would stop leaving them, at least for the time of your test.

    If you want to expedite detoxifying your body, you can combine your diet and exercise with our products that are designed to help you completely clean out your system.  Premium Detox Seven Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program will be an excellent choice for an occasional users with average body weight. If you are overweight and/or heavy user, we recommend you to purchase our Stinger Seven Day Liquid Cleansing Program. By combining these products with a healthy lifestyle, you will not just successfully pass your test, but also will be able to completely clean out your system, and to start a new, better life!

    Got some questions? Call us at 866-600-8820, and our trained detox professionals will be happy to assist you!

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