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  • November 18th, 2013

    Home Remedies for Passing a THC Drug Urine Test that Don’t Work

    Every once in a while, we have some Darwin Award winner who calls in and tells us that their cousin passed a test by using some outlandish method that really has no merit. One girl told me that her cousin told her to drink bleach. WOW!! Some people just should not be allowed to give advice.

    Now here are some home remedies that have little or no merit to them:

    Niacin will help you with cleaning up toxins in your liver but the THC metabolites are stored in your fat cells so it will do little to help with that. Also, taking too much niacin can have adverse effects like vomiting and nausea.

    Some people try to add vinegar to their sample after they pee. The only thing this does is change the PH level of your urine. You will fail.

    Some people believe that by adding bleach to their sample they can “clean” it of the THC metabolites. Bleach can purify water in an emergency but will have no effect on removing THC from your sample. People who are dumb enough to believe this may just be dumb enough to drink it to “clean” their system. DO NOT DO EITHER!!! Adding to the sample will not work, and drinking it may kill you!

    This product was once considered the best to use to pass a drug test but it was never very effective to use to pass a urine test for marijuana. It did, however, help with some opiates which is why some labs will screen for goldenseal now.

    Pectin is a substance that people use to make jams and jellies. It is a dietary fiber so it will pass through your system but your body will not absorb it. The belief is that the pectin will coat your stomach, so that it will miraculously stop the THC from entering your urinary tract. Well, the metabolites pass through your kidneys not your stomach so this will not help at all.

    Some believe that by adding Visine to the sample it will remove the THC metabolites.
    It will however cause your sample to foam up and possibly overflow which will be a red flag that you have tried to cheat on your test.

    Adding ammonia to your sample will not help you either. Ammonia will change the PH level of your urine and you will fail when they test for adulterants.

    When you add salt to your sample it will not dissolve completely, leaving a residue on the bottom of the sample cup for the lab to see. Plus, salt will alter the specific gravity of your sample and puts it out of the normal ranges for human beings.

    Whoever came up with this one must have really been out to lunch. Drain-O will turn your sample a bluish color and alter the PH level causing the lab to know you have added an adulterant.

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