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  • April 1st, 2010

    A very gassy situation

    As many times as we have said we have heard it all, someone calls with a new story or problem. Some customers make the most careless decisions based on what they have heard. One time a customer called:

    “Hi, I took a drug test a couple days ago and failed. I knew I had a week before my test to be able to pass it. I was not a heavy smoker of THC but there still would have been traces of it in my system. Now I know that all the detox products are undetectable, but I just did not want to trust them. I read somewhere that you need to ingest a lot of soluble fiber. Is that correct?”

    “Yes, soluble fiber is supposed to clean your system out faster then it would own its own by cleaning out the colon.”

    “I thought to myself this a good idea since I’m not a heavy user and I do not want to use any detox products. I went to the store and bought some fiber full granola bars. I ate one a day for that week and was fine. The morning of my test I decided to eat almost a whole box just for the last little push. Bad idea!! Those bars gave me the WORST gas ever!! I could not stop farting the whole way there, in the waiting room or even when I was taking the test. I felt so embarrassed but I just could not help myself. It was horrible!!”

    I couldn’t help but giggle.

    “Is there anything that will clean me out and not just mask my urine?”

    I recommended the best cleansing program that we have – 7 day program, explained that it is all herbs and there is nothing harmful in this detox product.

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