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  • December 10th, 2010

    Only the Best Ingredients – Juniper Berry Part 12

    When you think of the Juniper Berry probably the first thing that comes to mind is that the Juniper Berry is used to make the flavor for gin.  So why would it be in a detox product?  Our Premium 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program contains the Juniper Berry because it is very beneficial to maintaining proper functionality of the kidneys.

    The ancient Greeks, Arabs and Native American Indians all recognized the powerful healing properties of the Juniper Berry.   People in The Middle Ages believed that the strong aroma of the Juniper Berry could actually ward off the Plague and cure leprosy.

    It has been used throughout the ages to treat digestive problems and kidney and bladder ailments.

    Because the oil of the Juniper Berry can help to dissolve and eliminate uric acid from your body it is very useful in the treatment of people with kidney stones which are made up of uric acid.  However,  people with chronic kidney disease should not use Juniper Berries as they could weaken the kidneys.

    Juniper Berries should only be taken over short periods of time and not more that thirty consecutive days.   Extended use can lead to potassium loss in the body which would inhibit the muscles to function properly.  For people with diabetes the Juniper Berry can help reduce blood sugar levels because it is high in natural insulin.  It may increase your appetite and also decrease congestion if you are asthmatic.

    Juniper berries are a very strong natural diuretic and an excellent source for flushing toxins out of your kidneys and bladder.  It also is useful for treating urinary tract infections and gout.  Used externally Juniper Berry oil can be used to treat warts, acne, athlete’s foot, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.  Juniper Berries help relieve inflammation and pain that result from conditions like arthritis, gout, and stiffness of joints.   Juniper Berries are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals including Vitamins B and C and also calcium, iron, and chromium.

    Pregnant women should avoid using Juniper Berries as they may stimulate uterine contractions which could result in a miscarriage.  Also women with a heavy menstrual flow should avoid Juniper Berries as they would interfere with the body’s ability to absorb iron which is depleted with a heavy menstrual flow.  Juniper Berries can also lower fertility so women who are trying to get pregnant should also avoid them.

    (To Be Continued)

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