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  • March 25th, 2010

    How many hours?

    Different substances have different detection times. A detection time can also vary on the person and how their body works. One time we had a customer call asking how long cocaine can stay in his system:

    “Hi, I have been hearing that cocaine stays in the system for 2-5 days. Most people tell me it stays in for 72 hours. I did some cocaine on a Monday, so by Thursday it should be out right?”

    “Yes, from a single use it can stay in from 2-5 days.”

    “Ok, let’s say it stays in for 72 hours from a single use. Uhh, I know this might sound stupid but from a double use can it stay in the system for 144 hours? Or from using it 3 days can it stay in for 216 hours? Or for a week straight will it stay in 504 hours?”

    “No, it does not work that way. If you use it more then one time then yes it can stay in longer then 72 hours but it does not double every time you use it. It all depends on your body weight and your metabolism.”

    “Ok, I have a test coming up in a couple days and I did the cocaine for 4 days straight. I will be a little over 72 hours clean. What can you recommend I use?”

    We recommended the Fast Cocaine detox kit for people over 200lb.

    It is true that the more toxins you put in your system the longer they may take to come out. If every toxin doubled up after being used then most toxins would be almost impossible to get rid of.

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