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  • November 6th, 2010

    K-2 vs. Marijuana

    So right now I am scared for you if you are smoking K-2 better known as “Spice or Spice Gold”. Why? You ask? Well it is simple. More and more information is being put out there about the K-2 synthetic Marijuana. The first thing that is mentioned is it does not show up in a urine test.

    However, it does show up in a blood test if you are still feeling the effects from it. Scientists have seen and done numerous tests showing that these synthetics are staying in ones system longer then regular essays-buy THC would. The effects last longer and apparently they are stronger.

    SERIOUS ISSUES have been reported. Things such as rapid heart rate, uncontrollable behaviors as in food intake, decision making, and body temperature control. These are serious side effects. They have also proven that K2 is ADDICTIVE unlike marijuana. A report was done on people over in Europe that had serious with drawl symptoms from K2 spice.

    FACT: The original country essays-buy where it was started has now banned it from being sold. Many states have banned the sales and use of the product in the United States. Reasoning for this is the behavior people are showing while intoxicated with it and the fact that scientists have done studies and found that there are hundreds of different chemicals of different strains all the time. So you never know when you’re getting too much or not enough.

    This is a scary thought of smoking some foreign chemical that reacts like marijuana does. Sometimes you should questions yourself. Is it really worth it?

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