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  • March 16th, 2010

    My mouth is numb

    Swab tests are supposed to be one of the easiest tests to pass if you use the correct product. Some people think of ways to pass on their own that hardly ever works.

    One time a customer called because he had a swab test. He called because he had failed his swab test the day before.

    “Sir, what did you use to try and pass your swab test?”

    “I used some kind of oral gel. You know the kind that numbs your mouth? I put it all over the inside of my gums and the inside of my whole mouth. I figured if it numbs my mouth then it should help me pass me test.”

    “And you failed your test?”

    “Yes, not only did I fail, my mouth got so numb that I could hard talk. I had spit everywhere and could not swallow. I made myself look like an idiot. I had to lie to them and tell them I went to the dentist, so they are letting me re test. Do you have any products I can use to pass this test?”

    I recommended him the mouthwash. He used is and passed him test.

    Before using a product to pass a test make sure you are using the correct product.

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