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  • January 2nd, 2011

    Myths about home remedies for passing a drug tests.

    Here are a few things that people have tried to use while passing a drug test. The question is has any of these worked?

    CHEAT: A diluted sample by drinking too much water or putting water into the sample, since it will have an abnormally low creatinine and specific gravity level.

    RESULT: You will be denied employment, locked up for trying to fake a probationary test, or told you have to give a new specimen in front of a same sex employee.

    CHEAT: Samples substituted with urine from cv online buy psychology essays online another source (e.g., a friend, spouse, even an animal)

    RESULT: Chances are it will not pass the temperature test which is done on all urine specimens given. This may also cause an unwanted “Pat Down” when and if given a second chance to produce a specimen.

    There have been stories that men have been asked if they were pregnant after giving a females urine. These stories are TRUE. When a lab tests your urine they test for make-essay what is specifically asked for but since you signed all the medical forms you were given chances are you did not read them entirely so you signed a form that the lab may test for whatever they feel like besides what you are there for and not report it to the employer since the employer did not pay for that service. This is how more and more labs are catching on to cheats. They charge a specific amount for tests and to add an adulteration test is sometimes a few extra dollars that the hiring company does not want to pay for so most labs throw these in because they want to show the employer there adulteration tests do in fact work.

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