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  • June 3rd, 2011

    The Pros and Cons of Drug Testing in School


    Education has been a significant part of every person’s life. Today, due to rapid reports of drug abuse inside the school, the government has ordered mandatory drug testing to be performed to the students. There are a   lot of pros and cons in doing drug tests inside the school premises. Recently, it has been a popular topic of discussion debated among the students, their parents and their teachers. Parents disagree on random drug tests because they see it as an ineffective way of preventing the students in the use of drugs and that it invades the privacy of the students. The main purpose of drug testing which is held at schools is not to actually catch the students who have been exposed to drug use, but to prevent them from using or practicing the use of any illegal drugs at any point of time in their life. Immediate prevention must be implemented because once a student or a teenager start to use drugs, it will be harder to break their drug addiction. Peer pressure is one of the considered factors contributing to a large number of students who are testing positive in drugs. They are sometimes forced to try drugs just to be accepted by their classmates. A method of testing for drugs in school can be to screen first the students who have the greatest influence on students, like the athletes, cheerleaders and student council leaders. If they can be they can be convinced to refrain from using drugs, then there is greater chance for other students to abstain from drug use as well.
    But this method may sometimes be hard to exercise since the system of our government suggests that we are all innocent and that unless there is compelling evidence to question the student’s innocence, he/she may refuse the drug test. Some schools give random drug testing to their students since this method can result in deterrence among the students. The most common students which may be subject for this test are the athletes of the school because some are believed to be using anabolic steroids to improve their performance. The school will only have power to require the student in a drug test if there is reasonable evidence seen in behavior, appearance or speech of the student. Another law regarding the conduction of drug tests is that a person is not subject to a drug test if the group he/she belongs to, have been found guilty of drug abuse.

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