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  • February 3rd, 2011

    What’s In My Hair?! Part 3 Tocopheryl Acetate

    Tocopheryl Acetate – more commonly known as Vitamin E Acetate – is the next ingredient of the Zydot Purifier that we will take a look at. Tocopheryl Acetate is mostly used in skin care products because it helps to provide a protection against the sun, and the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays the sun gives off.

    This form of Vitamin E is a natural moisturizer and skin-conditioner. Often Tocopheryl Acetate is preferred to Regular Vitamin E as it is much less acidic and less likely to cause skin irritation. Again, this is another chemical that the Food and Drug Administration has deemed “Generally Recognized as Safe” for human consumption and use.

    Tocopheryl Acetate is a powder that gets added to cosmetics because of its ability to moisturize the skin whilst also protecting it. Vitamin E is a necessary Vitamin to the human body, but when used topically (on the skin) there is not much to know about it. It can often be found in skin creams and lotions because of the research suggesting it helps prevent the aging of skin, and can even help heal skin irritations from minor rashes and burns, but sadly there is not a great deal of research done yet. What is clear about Tocopheryl Acetate in skin care is the fact that is does prevent skin from becoming dry. The benefits to the scalp in this instance are great. As after using Zydot properly you’ll have washed your hair and scalp at least 4 separate times. Being able to keep the scalp moisturized throughout this process can go a very long way in ensuring that the use of this product will not have any long or short term effects on the scalp that can be detrimental.

    In hair specifically Tocopheryl Acetate can help heal the hair follicle and protect the hair from loss of moisture, as well as other contaminants. It has also been shown to help prevent hair loss by going to work in the hair follicles and stimulating them.

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