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  • March 3rd, 2011

    What’s In My Hair?! Part 8 Butyl Methoxy dibenzoyl Methane

    Butyl Methoxy dibenzoyl Methane is most often used in cosmetics and other personal care products because of its UV protection. This is the ingredients greatest accomplishment. Often times it is listed by its more common name Avobenzone. It is such a strong UV Protectorate that only very small amounts of it are needed to get the desired result in any product. Butyl Methoxy dibenzoyl is approved for use world wide, and has been for over 20 years.

    Butyl Methoxy dibenzoyl Methane is one of the most effective ingredients in sunscreens. It’s highly recommended to use sunscreen with this particular ingredient, and is the only chemical ingredient allowed in most European sunscreens because of it’s ability to protect whilst also be safe to use.

    Butyl Methoxy dibenzoyl Methane is a very strong ingredient that can cause staining of clothes, especially if the water you wash in is ‘hard water’. So be sure when using the Zydot Shampoo that you’re careful to not get any drops on your clothes, or towels.

    It is an oil soluble substance – meaning it can be dissolved in water – that unlike many of its completely natural counterparts can absorb UV rays on a much wider scale. Meaning that while most natural ingredients can only absorb UV rays being sent on a small number of wave-lengths, Butyl Methoxy dibenzoyl Methane has no problem absorbing them on a far wider range of wave-lengths, consisting of the full spectrum of UVA Rays.

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