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  • November 12th, 2009

    What’s inside?

    Detoxification is not easy, for some people getting clean turns out to be more difficult than for others.

    Recently we received a call from a lady who was really concerned with the ingredients in a product. She needed to completely clean out her body, but wanted to know what she will be cleaning it with. All of the “healthy pills” scared her; it seemed like she could not take anything that would make her healthy because it would make her sick first. She was very polite, but also very insistent:

    “I need to be clean from COC, THC, PCP and Valium for urine insurance test. Can you please read out what exactly is in this product? I have allergies and need to know what’s inside before I take anything.”

    Wow, many drugs and a lot of allergies?

    “There are a lot of herbal supplements. What are you allergic to?”

    “Many things; I need to know all the ingredients in this product, please.”

    Unfortunately, we do not have the products handy, so to read out the entire list we need to go down to the shipping department and get a sample. Normally, you won’t stay on hold for more than a minute unless you really need it.

    I came back with a box and starter from the top.

    “Milk Thistle, Green Tea, Echinacea Extract, Turmeric Root… These supplements make your liver and kidneys work better so you detoxify faster.”

    Once I was done, the lady said the following, with the big sign of relief:

    “Oh, good! That’s the one I want! I am terribly allergic to soy, which is not included in this program. Can I have two boxes please?”

    It’s interesting how one body can digest different toxins, but has a reaction to healthy product…

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