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  • June 30th, 2011

    What is THC? A History

    At the same time that medical researchers were studying morphine and other pain reducing drugs available for study the receptors in the brain for THC were discovered. It was also discovered at that time that the human body produces a chemical rather similar in make-up to THC. Though, at that time there was almost no interest in studying this drug and so all research into it came to a halt.  Almost 20 years after the first discovery of the receptors, in the 1940’s,  and the bodily reaction to them scientists were able to isolate THC and synthesize it in a lab in 1963.

    Five years later in 1968, one of the scientists responsible for this discovery and breakthrough wrote a book all about the Cannabinoids in the brain that the human body produces naturally. Because of his studies he was eventually capable of creating a synthetic Cannabinoid that was up to 100 times stronger and more potent than the THC derived from plants directly. This stronger and more viable THC was the key to finding the receptors in the brain directly responsible for the sensations we experience when our bodies are under the influence of THC.

    The study of THC in medicine has continued into today and results have shown its effects to be helpful in Cancer research and Alzheimer’s patients. Cannabinoids have been shown through scientific study to increase blood flow in the brain, suppress nausea and encourage appetite. Studies are on-going today into the potentials of this “drug”.

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