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  • January 20th, 2011

    Can Niacin Help Me Pass A Drug Test

    Read can niacin help me pass a drug test.

    With the readily accessible information on various websites all across the internet, one can understand the relationship between niacin and drug tests. Niacin is basically a vitamin, in fact the most important B vitamin that is utilized by the system for various chemical procedures. Many abusers who passed a drug test claims that taking a large dose of dosage is effective in helping one get through a drug test even after using illegal drugs. But there are still many doubts and abusers keep thinking”can niacin help me pass a drug test?” scroll through the article and you will get the solution!

    Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, can help maintaining the nervous system, promote hormone production and also aids in promoting the health of the skin. Niacin helps in metabolism of the fats which will ultimately help flush out the drugs from the system, claims several studies. It is believed that niacin can rapidly flush out marijuana and cocaine metabolites from the system. Niacin is largely used to break down fats and proteins. Most of the drug metabolites get stored in the fat cells of the system. As such, niacin is effective in breaking down these cells and releasing the metabolites in the bloodstream.

    There is no evidence to indicate the effectivity of this vitamin but there is information on various websites suggesting that the use of niacin will prevent the detection of THC and alter the drug test findings. However large doses of niacin can cause a number of side effects. While there are no fatalities involved because of the use of niacin and the side effects being reversible, the danger you are going to put yourself in may not be worth the risk. One cannot deny that niacin may work to mask certain drug metabolites in a screening and help pass drug test. On the other hand, cheating a drug test using niacin can lead to a number of unwanted side effects. If you are interested to take the risk, you should take extra care to prevent the harmful effects and test yourselves with the help of cheap drug test strips prior to the test.

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