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  • October 7th, 2010

    Can Vinegar Help Pass A Drug Test

    How can vinegar help pass a drug test

    Many want to try home remedies to get pass drug test. Frankly drug is such a serious issue that one wonders whether they could really help you. Drinking water, fruit juices, cranberry juice are some home remedies recommended. Vinegar mixed with water is helpful to wash away the drug from your system but the fact is that vinegar is acidic by nature and it could cause more damage than benefit. You could try mixing vinegar with water and consuming it for a few days before the actual test. Also read articles on – how can vinegar help pass a drug test to help you to decide whether you should use it to pass drug test. Instead of vinegar plain water along with cranberry juice could do the trick. It is more effective as cranberry has the properties to reduce the drug toxins in you body.

    Some tips for testing negative in a short time

    This is easier said than done. If you are thinking of how I can pass drug test in 3 days, you have to sit down and analyze your condition. If you are an occasional taker of drugs then this is possible. Take lots of water continuously for three days along with cranberry juice and other natural juices. Also drink a lot of water before going for the test .You may feel like urinating frequently but it will help to clear your system. Take care because due to continuous water intake the color of your urine may become light and the sample may be rejected. The easiest way on how can I pass a drug test in 3 days is to substitute the sample. For this you have to be very alert or you could get caught. Even if there is an observer you could practice in such a way that you could quickly substitute the sample. Take care to choose the container of the synthetic urine can be opened easily or it could be a sachet which could be pierced easily giving the effect that you are actually urinating. These small tips could help you to pass drug test. It is not impossible to clear the test but it is important to remember that 100% results at the test is possible only with deployment of proper protocol at the right time.

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