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  • December 24th, 2010

    Can Vinegar Help You Pass A Drug Test

    Can vinegar help you pass a drug test scheduled soon?

    People adopt a number of methods to beat a drug test. There are a number of home remedies including drinking vinegar adopted by a number of people to pass a drug test. Can vinegar help you to pass a drug test scheduled soon? There is a common understanding that vinegar can help pass a drug test. One thing for sure is that the results obtained could be false negative. Vinegar can be very harsh on your digestive system and could leave you feeling uneasy. The best thing to do is try out a number of home remedies instead. When there are simple remedies to follow, there is no need of consuming harsh remedies on your body.

    Some of the best home remedies to pass a drug test can be drinking iced tea, beverages like tea and coffee, green tea, juices like cranberry juice, gooseberry juice, strawberry juice, are some of the best things to consume. Fruits like strawberries, cranberries, grapes and vegetables like broccoli are excellent in getting the body detoxified. A lot of people feel drug testing in the high school not effective, due to the sole reason that this may not work on them effectively. Studies indicate that it may not have an effect on those already on drug abuse but it can have an effect on those who are not on such an abuse. Many students could be tested as false positive, especially if they have consumed some kind of a product which is not basically a drug.

    Can vinegar help you to pass a drug test scheduled soon? Even if it does help you to pass the test, it may not be effective all the time, especially if toxic content in the body is very high. In severe cases you have to abstain from the drug completely and try out some effective detox products to come clear in a drug testing procedure. Drug testing in the high school not effective is what a number of students and their parent feel as it is a waste of money. Privacy of students is invaded and this can be unfair on the students. Instead of opening up in front of their parents, students have to provide urine, hair or for that matter any other kind of sample in front of strangers which can be really embarrassing at times.

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