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  • October 11th, 2010

    Codeine Syrup Drug Test

    How codeine syrup drug test takes place?

    Codeine syrup is manufactured by Alpharma Inc. Each five mili liter tablespoon includes 6.25 mg promethazine hydrochloride as well as 10 mili gram phosphate. Codeine is an organic substance, an opiate that is found in opium poppy. But, it is rare and therefore much medicinal codeine is created through methylation of codeine. Texas is a famous beverage; the syrup is conventionally mixed in with jolly as well as soda ranchers in Houston. There are basically three major types of tests such as hair, blood and urine drug tests. These tests are used to detect cocaine, marijuana, opiates and codeine use.

    Codeine syrup test took place to detect codeine in the body of a person. Codeine is found in the urine of a person. They first take the sample urine of a drug user of codeine and send it to laboratory. When the results come from the lab, they tell whether codeine found in the urine or not. Now, drug testing has been made mandatory in many companies and schools as well. If a person wants to apply for a job, first he needs to pass a drug test. It has been made compulsory because they want to make the company environment good and increase the productivity of their employers. Pre employment and post employment tests are taken place to detect drugs like cocaine, marijuana and codeine. If the person found as a drug abuser then he or she will be rejected from that job post.

    There are many ways to pass codeine syrup drug test successfully. If you drink plenty of water you can get codeine away from your body. Using detox products is another best way of remove all the toxins that are created by codeine use. Detox drinks have the power to remove all the toxins from your body. Detox pills and drinks are effective and work greatly to remove toxins. Cranberry juice is also effective to pass a drug test successfully. Cleansers are also offered online to pass a drug test successfully. Drug testing kits also help you to pass a drug test with ease.

    Many people ask how long can marijuana be detected in urine test? How long marijuana detected in urine test relies on many factors and differ relying on the tolerance, health condition, drug potency, method and frequency of marijuana utilization and fluid consumption.

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