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  • October 7th, 2010

    Cost Of High School Drug Testing

    What is the cost of high school drug testing protocol?

    The basis of the relationship between a student and a teacher is trust and drug testing carried out in schools can definitely affect and leave an impact on a majority of students as there will be only a very minor group who must be using drugs. Does creatine help you pass a drug test? Today’s youngsters by and large must have heard about the wonder cure for building their muscles known as creatine.

    Getting into school and out of drugs with creatine

    Creatine is a compound which is made up in our bodies which helps you achieve a muscular look and also gain weight. This can be taken as an additional dietary supplement too, in the synthetic form. These days with movie stars being role models for a majority of youngsters it is but natural every teenager secretly desires to at least look like his role model and with availability of creatine as an additional dietary supplement, most teenagers would definitely like to go for it.

    Now the next question is does creatine help you pass a drug test and then how to pass urine drug tests with this supplement? This definitely needs some thinking as simply because all that glitters is not gold. Creatine could also have some side effects like muscle cramping and dehydration which could also be minimized by taking lots of water to flush down the system. You can also take a lot of fruit and vegetable juices which help to flush the kidneys of the toxic waste and thus reducing the side effects. All in all you should first have a general awareness of the hazards of any addiction and should take it only in consultation of an expert.

    Drug testing though done in many ways, urine test is the most common as it is not only cheap but effective. Information on how to pass urine drug tests is available online. However in case of children it has to be an observed test as there are chances of adulteration so this could be a major drawback especially in a high school. If you wish to pass a drug test, water therapy should be practiced for quite some time before the actual test. This will most often reduce the concentration content but will definitely help you pass a drug test with flying colors due to the detox you have planned and brought on!

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