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  • December 24th, 2010

    Creatine To Pass A Drug Test

    Read to know that if you can use creatine to pass a drug test

    Drug tests are important to pass and so you may try all what you know. Everyone has a different body system and so their bodies react differently to each chemical. So, before you try any tip you should search for analyze your body and then only try the tip or else you can go for suggestions that do no cause you any harm like creatine to pass a drug test.

    Creatine is nitrogenous organic compound which is found in vertebrates. This is primarily used to supply energy to the muscles. However the recent studies have revealed the other side of this creatine. Have you ever thought of using this compound to pass drug tests? Yes you can surely use it to pass a drug test, especially the urine drug tests.

    One of the most commonly used methods of passing a drug test is to clean the entire system and the most popular way to do this is by drinking excess of water and flushing away drug particles from the system through urination. However, you might not realize that you are actually diluting your urine from within. Initially this would help you to pass a urine drug test easily but now the laboratory technicians have grown to be too smart and detect this dilution also. A diluted sample results to be a positive result for drug test and so you fail the test even if you just tried to keep yourself safe from the test.

    When you dilute your urine to a large extent then the metabolite rate in your urine also reduces which is later detected easily. Dilution will also reduce the level of natural creatinine in your body which can be know by analyzing the physical properties like specific gravity, color, acidity, pH and other such features of the given urine sample.

    To reduce the amount of dilution and increase the level of natural creatinine the only ways is to take supplements of creatine from outside. This can be taken through natural supplements or you can also take the help of various tablets also. The natural supplement for creatinine is red meat. After clearing your system eat excess of red meant and increase the level of creatinine to save yourself from failing a drug testing due to dilution.

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