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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Screening Services

    Drug Screening Services

    Drug Screening or drug testing is the process of determining whether a person has consumed drugs within a specified period of time before the test. Drug use, also known as drug abuse, is a pervasive phenomenon in the United States. This practice, or malpractice, usually begins with teenagers in school and college campuses. They are introduced to the drug by some of their friends and peer pressure is enough to make them consume it. Once they have used it there is no stopping – drugs affect the central nervous system making the user want more and more of it, making them addicts. There also starts an upward spiraling process with respect to the potency of the drug. Users gradually start using more and more potent drugs, which also happen to be more destructive for the user.

    Drug Screening was made mandatory for government employees by the Drug Free Workplace Act 1988. Soon private employers and authorities of educational institutions adopted the practice. Drug Screening is also conducted for checking drug use by vendors, tenants etc. The issue has generated a lot of debate due to two gray areas. One, drug tests are not totally reliable. Next, many chemicals classified as drugs are ingredients in numerous over the counter medicines increasing the possibility of unintentional consumption. Therefore, even those who have accidentally consumed them or have not consumed them at all are liable to be tested positive.

    Drug screening Services are provided by many labs. Many portable kits are also available for some kinds of drug tests. The most common drugs that are sought to be detected in a drug test include cocaine, marijuana, amphithetamine, methamphetamine etc. Following are the chief types of drug tests:

    Urine Test is the most common drug test. It seeks to detect THC metabolites in urine. Diluting urine by drinking water and cranberry juice can beat it.

    Blood Test with urine is a fairly reliable indicator of drug consumption. The test indicates the type and amount of drugs in the bloodstream when the blood sample was taken.

    Saliva Swab Test can indicate the type and amount of drugs consumed within the past few days.

    Hair Drug Test can determine drugs consumed within 90 days before the test. Usually used for military recruits.

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