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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Testing In High School An Invasion Of Privacy

    Facts on drug testing in high school an invasion of privacy

    There are some schools, places of employment and hospitals conduct drug test. There are several of ways it can be done including random testing, post accident testing, follow up testing, pre employment testing, reasonable suspicion testing and return to duty testing. This generally involved collecting urine samples to test for drugs like PCP, opiates, amphetamines, marijuana and cocaine. It has been compulsory for the students to pass drug test.

    Now the schools have initiated random drug test as well as reasonable suspicion. During random testing, schools choose, making use of a random process, one or many individuals from student population for undergoing drug testing. Recently, random drug test is conducted amid the students, who participate in competitive extracurricular activities. Reasonable test involved a school needs a student for providing a urine specimen when there is enough evidence for advising that the student can have utilizing in illegal substance. Usually, this involved direct examinations that are made by school officials, which a student has utilized illegal substances, shows the physical signs of being under the drug influence and has abnormal behavior.

    Schools, which have adopted random student drug test, are in the hope to lessen drug abuse amid the students via two routes. Schools that conduct test hope that accidental test serves as a deterrent as well as gives a student a reason for resisting peer pressure for taking drugs. Secondly, drug test recognized adolescents, who have began making use of drugs so that interventions occur soon or recognize adolescents, who already have drug problems so they are refereed for the treatment. Drug abuse interferes with the student’s capability of learning also disrupts teaching atmosphere, affecting other students also.

    Laws, which permit drug test for students under cause or suspicion category. Beyond that random drug test for the school going students remained illegal. Several supporters of random drug test have faith that potential deterrent it provides outweighs the lawful justifications against it. Objectors to random drug test frequently make use of these legal justifications for defending the privacy of the students as well as in the past have won with this protection. But, tides are starting to shift as incidences of drug abuse amid adolescents remains alarmingly high. Therefore, the difficulty of drug abuse remains while ethical as well as moral continues to disagree the lawful and empirical. Positive morphine drug test means codeine and meperidine are related to morphine hence causes positive results. Codeine is generally prescribed pain medicine and the active component in few prescription couth medications.

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