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  • October 19th, 2010

    Drug Testing In The High School Not Effective

    Drug testing in the high school not effective

    Laws exist, which allow drug test for students under category like suspicion. Beyond that, accidental drug test for all of the students has remained illegal. Several supporters of accidental drug test believe that the powerful deterrent it provides outweighs the lawful justifications against it. Objectors to accidental drug test frequently make use of these lawful justifications for defending privacy of students as well as in past have won this protection. But, tides are starting to shift politically since incidences of substance abuse amid adolescents stays alarmingly high. Therefore, the difficulty of drug abuse in schools stays while the ethical and even moral continue to combat the lawful as well as empirical.

    Drug test with public school environment has long been debated. Controversy seems to stem from primary issues of individual privacy under legitimate regulation as well as the question as to if accidental drug test is in reality an efficient deterrent to the drug utilization. Though, drug testing has been made compulsory in many schools, drug testing in high schools is not that much efficient? Researchers discovered that students advocate drug test when they were involved in school activity and not making use of drugs. Many students also believed that drug test will not affect participation in extracurricular activities.

    But, upper-level high school students were uncertain about compulsory drug test since a precondition for extracurricular activities. These similar students have less anxiety if it was advised that all of the members of school need to undergo drug test. These results indicate that controversy over drug test in schools for many students present more with intrinsic violation of privacy as compared to with feat of being caught for the abuse of different drugs. The ethical, lawful and moral controversy over compulsory drug test in schools is a big argument. Several legislators as well as schools administrators are uncertain for enforcing accidental drug test as it can infringe on the right of a person to presumption of right to be free from unnecessary searches.

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