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  • October 7th, 2010

    False Positive On Urine Drug Test

    In the market, you will come across various products that talk on “false positive on urine drug test”. They are AZO, niacin, vinegar, fiber pills, ready clean pills, rapid cleanse, detox tea, QCarbo, Terminator gold, Clear choice, vale triple strength and many more.

    But these cannot actually help you to focus on “false positive on urine drug test”. These are some of the most common shortcut myths to pass a drug test. Most of them do not yield results and your money goes for a waste. The most common drug that is found in drug tests is THC. This is stored in the fat cells in the human body and cannot be eliminated with some fake detoxifying products. The fat needs to be burnt and can be removed in a more natural way. You need to work out rigorously and have a healthy diet to do away with THC. Try and take in lots of fluids and low fats. But you cannot remove THC from the body easily. There are no shortcuts. And the fact is that urination cannot remove the THC from your body. So even if you are frequently urinating, it does not mean that the THC is being released from you system. The so called potions are nothing but mix of water and sugar and cannot dilute THC. THC is not soluble in water and so never believe in these myths. So the best way is to exercise and follow a regime that will help you to knock out those toxins from your body. Nothing is a one day wonder. You can eliminate dangerous toxins in a day or two. For a complete revival, you must give time to yourself. Hydrate your body to flush them out and make sure you have adequate sleep schedule. You can also opt for saunas and other wellness solutions to treat your toxins. Fat cells move slowly within your body. So once you are within a regime, make sure your check your detoxing status with home test kits. Always remember quick solutions can never be fruitful. It might give you a temporary result but will push you into another deeper and grave problem. So if you want to get free from drugs, stop taking them and o not forget to spread the word.

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