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  • October 19th, 2010

    Fast Food Drug Test

    Do fast food joints perform drug tests?

    Fast food drug test is usually not taken in most of the fast food joints since one reason is that people who apply for such jobs have lower amount of responsibility and the attrition rate may increase if such tests were taken. Moreover since numerous people do not consider it a lifetime job employment is rarely permanent in nature. However it cannot be denied that for a high-paying post in such joints may require you to take a test since high job positions mean added responsibility.

    More often than not, any retail can have drug testing when you are hired but only when you are involved in a mishap or an accident. Usually these tests are taken by taking a urine sample and many places do not use the swab except if it is a high-responsibility official job such as federal, state, or government, even some states only utilize the urine test. If you are getting a low-paying low-responsibility job then most probably you do not have to worry about how to pass a drug test.

    According to many sources fast food joints such as Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, McDonalds, and Burger King usually do not take a drug test. However the company policy may change at any time since the department of labor permits such testing of employees. Such fast food joints usually employ people of young age and it is just the beginning of most of the low-pay workers in their life. Therefore it is logical that they may quit the job sooner and the turnaround rate of employees increases.

    Since the turnaround and attrition rate in fast food joints is so high it becomes financially unfeasible for the company to take a drug test. This is because drug tests are expensive and wasting money time and again on testing can drastically affect the pecuniary situation of the company. This is the most logical reason why many fast food joints do not perform a drug test. If you had a positive drug test for opiates or any other drugs then it would be a good idea to quit that drug and get a job without worrying so much about drug testing.

    The bottom line is that if you are working in a corporate culture and have a high responsibility job, you can most probably be tested. On the other hand places such as Pizza Hut and similar fast food joints do not test for drugs if you are a low-level employee.

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