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  • October 11th, 2010

    Hair Based Drug Test

    All you need to know about hair based drug test

    Residue of the drug you have been taken will remain within your system for a long time, unless and until you get your body detoxified. Heroin, cocaine, hashish, marijuana, weeds of different types as well as hemp seeds are consumed by a lot of people for different reasons. Some say that it is due to depression that they resort to drugs while others simply get into the habit for the sheer fun of it and then find that they cannot give up the habit, come what may. When the time to pass a drug test comes it is very difficult to come clear due to the presence of toxins in the body. Different samples are taken for the drug test. Can hair test be defeated? You would be wondering about this if your hair sample is asked for testing.

    Remove toxic substances accumulated at the root of hair:

    All you need to know about hair based drug test is that you can come clear if a few things are followed. Not many people know that toxins accumulate at the roots of hair which need to be removed before a drug test. This can be done by washing the hair well with special shampoo or conditioner available at the chemist shop or medical stores. If the test is on the following day a good idea would be to wash the hair well the previous day. Even if the drug test is scheduled for the later part of the day you can wash your hair well on the same day itself to pass a drug test.

    Can hair test be defeated? Yes certainly, hair test can be defeated by a number of ways. If you have been asked to bring the sample, a good idea is to take your friend’s hair sample for the drug test but make sure you take your friend into confidence. Hair is one of the most common samples taken as it is easily available. Besides hair, a sample of saliva, blood, DNA, dental plaque is also taken. All you need to know about hair based drug test is that it is very easy to come clear in this test if you know the right method. The best source of getting valuable information is the internet these days, which is basically a storehouse of information.

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