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  • October 7th, 2010

    Hair Folical Drug Screening

    How hair follicle drug screening takes place?

    Hair follicle drug screening is a means for testing individual for substances as well as drugs using hair follicles. Hair follicle drug screening is a method to screen an individual for drugs. It is an exciting process. By reading this article, you will get more information about this hair follicle drug screening process.

    Hair follicle drug test screening stands on the rule that once a substance is process by the body of human then traces of substance are deposited in hair follicles by blood stream. Hair follicle drug test can cover a time period of one and a half month. It differs at time however, on an average; it shows almost a 90 day history. But, 90 days is the period for hair on head, it varies for hair on other parts of human body. Substances like marijuana, opiates, cocaine, Phencyclidine and Methamphetamine are traced in a hair follicle drug test. For all these drug class, the compulsory check is a hair follicle drug test only by federal Government. It is because, one is able to ensure that substances was consumed by traces remaining in hair follicle also after substance goes away from blood stream.

    Hair from any part of your body is utilized in follicle drug test. But, as the body hair are replaced annually, when testing is done on your body hair. Just the traces of substances, which have left blood stream a year ago wills still reveal. Hair follicle drug tests are more efficient as compared to urinalysis drug testing. It is because, in urinalysis, traces of substance reveal only when substance is in blood stream. But, in hair follicle drug test, follicles hold traces of substances also the long after substance has left blood stream.

    The question like how do traces get deposited in hair comes in many individuals mind. Answer is everything that you drink, breathe in, eat and smoke enters blood stream and them goes on to your hair follicles for nourishing hair. The benefit of making use of hair follicle drug test is that this test can retain a history of drug utilization for a longer time.

    Now let us have a look at second hand marijuana smoke drug test takes place. Tests reveal that an individual needs to be confined in a tiny room with smoke. They need to wear goggles for staying in room before they will test positive. When it is a hair drug test, secondhand pot smoke can be noticed, Protocol for hair test needs that if a test comes out positive then they take a second sample, wash it and then test both wash washed sample as well as wash water. When they test your hair for second time then they will test for metabolites.

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