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  • January 20th, 2011

    How To Get Marijuana Out Of My System With A Home Remedy

    How to get Marijuana out of my system with a home remedy?

    Marijuana addicted can understand how it is difficult to remove its traces from the body. It is very difficult to come out from this habit. However, nothing is impossible if you sincerely wants to give the habit. Nowadays, at every workplace. Numerous drug testing are carried out. Testing for drugs can be conducted with home drug test kits as well. Cannabis or most commonly named by marijuana is one most illicit drugs. Marijuana is fat soluble and psychoactive THC. They take longer time to eliminate from the body than any other drug toxics. Actually water soluble toxics exit from the body within couple of weeks. However, marijuana or THC metabolites accumulated inside the fat cells and remain stored for months.

    Detox treatments specifically designed for marijuana provides main focus to three key organs. THC metabolites mainly stored inside urinal track, blood vessels and skin cells. Normally how to get marijuana out of my system with a home remedy contains proper blending of vitamins, herbs and minerals. There are some detox products which provides great help to get rid from marijuana metabolites from hair, urine and blood. Detox remedies provide through body detoxification over particular time period. You can have natural detox treatments as well. However, it need lots of patience and mostly carried out against withdrawal symptoms.

    There are some very easy and simple to conduct home remedies. They provide immediate relief and works best against drug metabolites. Take steam or sauna bath. They have two plus points. Very first they try to remove stored metabolites through sweat. Second advantage of sauna bath is it makes you calm and relax. It suppress the aggressions and make mind cool and calm. This is indirectly influencing on drug metabolites. Other than these methods, one most proven remedy for removing drug metabolites is drinking excess water. Drink as much as possible fluid. Cranberry juice is advisable if you are looking for immediate result.

    All above listed methods are also works for any other illicit substance as well. You will definitely pass codeine drug test with the help of above listed remedies . However, here take a note that none of method will give you satisfactory result till you completely stop the drug abuse. One simple logic is when you stop consuming drugs, body starts fulfilling its craving through stored metabolites. It should be very first step to pass drug test.

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