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  • October 7th, 2010

    Pass Saliva Drug Test

    Pass Saliva Drug Test.

    Saliva is the collective of the secretions of the oral saliva glands of the human anatomy. Saliva also contains mild digestive juices so that when you eat or drink something it is broken down for absorption. This is the reason why traces of any drugs or alcohol you consume are retained in saliva. The saliva drug test takes samples of saliva and examines them for drug residues.

    Urine tests are the most common of drug tests considering all the drug tests conducted everywhere. Urine retains drug residues longer than done by blood and saliva. However, tampering with urine drug tests is not that difficult. This is the case unless the authorities are willing to put in place stringent supervisory measures that almost intrude the most private privacy. Not surprisingly, this aspect of the urine test has generated its share of controversy. The hair test does not intrude privacy but is expensive and time consuming. Blood retains toxins for lesser durations than urine and can be temporarily detoxified using detoxifiers. Therefore saliva drug test is a good option when only the recent drug consumption history is to be determined. It is typically used to check vehicle and equipment drivers and those involved in accidents at the workplace or other places.

    The person to be tested is not allowed to drink anything or insert anything in his mouth for 15 minutes before the sample is taken. For sampling a swab is inserted in the mouth between the lower cheek and gum for about 2 minutes. This is then taken to the collection vial or placed on a colored test strip. The results are available almost immediately and there is virtually no possibility of tampering.

    The only way to beat this test is not to consume drugs and alcohol at all. In any case, don’t use drugs and liquor for at least three days before the test as this test can detect consumptions only for 3 days before the test (standard THC drug testing times). The only other way is to use a special mouthwash 10 minutes before the test. Even these measures won’t be much effective if saliva tests are conducted as surprise checks – as usually they are.

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