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  • October 28th, 2010

    Tips To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

    Read the tips to pass a saliva drug test.

    Drug testing has become a must if you are applying for a license or a job. Drug testing can come up in any form for example urine testing or saliva drug testing. Are you also in a situation wherein you are supposed to undergo a drug test? Don’t panic and lose your confidence; instead read this article and learn some tips to pass a saliva drug test.

    Saliva drug test also known as mouth swab test are becoming quite popular methods of drug testing because they can be easily done. The sample can be collected directly under supervision and there is no need of a bathroom or something. Moreover these drugs tests are cheaper than other drug tests and are preferred more. It simply uses a mouth swab which is to be placed in your mouth between the gums until it completely becomes wet. The other of conducting this test is by asking the subject to spit on the swab. The drug test results are available in a short while.

    Passing a saliva drug test is easier than passing any other drug tests. So there is no need to fear this test. Marijuana users stop smoking for some days prior to the saliva test and pass the test easily with flying colors. There are many marijuana or cocaine drug test tricks available online. Some of the tips to pass a saliva drug test are mentioned below:

    • Buy a toxin clearing mouthwash and swish it for 3 minutes inside your mouth. This should be done half an hour before the test so that all the toxins are washed off.
    • Rinse your mouth with Listerine; it will help reduce drug level in your mouth.
    • Drink detoxification beverages mixed with water. It will clear all the drug residues from your mouth.
    • Urinate more frequently so as to flush your system and make it free from all the toxins that are likely to test you positive in the screening.
    • Drink a lot of fluids. It will help clean your mouth and will also boost urination.
    • Avoid the use of any drugs at least 2-3 days before the test. It would be much better if you avoid them for the rest of your life.

    The avoid tips will help you provide a clean sample of saliva to the authorities and you get the desired result.

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