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  • October 7th, 2010

    Ways To Pass Hair Drug Testing

    Ways to Pass Hair Drug Testing.

    Drug Tests determine whether a person has consumed drugs / narcotics / proscribed chemicals within a certain period before the test is conducted. The topic has been a raging controversy ever since the Drug Free Workplace Act was enacted in the US in 1988. Although the act mandated all government employees to undergo drug tests, the provisions were adapted by many private employers. The stated objective is to maintain a healthy, conflict free workplace assisting employees in performing to the optimum level.

    Drug Tests are mainly of four types. These are blood test, urine test, saliva test and hair test. A combination of blood and urine test is regarded as an almost sure way to determine drug consumption. All drug tests have limitations; none of them is completely fool proof. Furthermore, many of the proscribed chemicals are present as ingredients in numerous over the counter drugs. The mandatory nature of the tests along with the above two factors have lend a debatable dimension to the issue of drug tests.

    In a Hair Drug Test a hair is extracted from any part of the body, usually from the scalp. Consumed drugs get encased in the hair as it grows. A hair length of only 2.5 to 4 cm from the scalp is utilized for the test, the rest being usually discarded. Hair Drug testing can determine drug consumption within a period of 90 days before the test. However this test is not capable of detecting drugs consumed within a period of one week before the test.

    Some people attempt to pass this test by shaving the scalp. This does not work as hair can be extracted from any other part of the body as well. The most effective way to pass this test is to cleanse all the hair of the body by appropriately washing them. This is done in three steps:

    Cleaning and opening of the cuticle layer of the hair (the second of the three layers of the hair) by a special shampoo.

    In the second stage, a sealer is placed around the scales of the cuticle.

    Finally, the hair is conditioned to control tangles, improve manageability and improve sheen.

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