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  • December 20th, 2012

    What if?

    Getting ready to pass a drug test is no joke, and some people take it more seriously than others. Once you go through a lengthy process of figuring out which detox product you want to use to pass a drug test, choosing a brand, flavor, and so on, sometimes it happens that people start to fear if all of that will work on the test day. If a person was a very heavy user, and the test comes up unexpected, and the toxin level is very high the day of the test, of course there is a chance that an extra effort is needed to pass a drug test.

    -          Hi, I hope you can help me. I have a urine drug test in a couple of hours, and I got this detox drink, and I want to make sure I use it right. You see, I am a daily smoker, I know my toxin level is very high cause I smoked two days ago – I did not know that I will have this urine test so soon. So anyway, I needed to make sure I can pass a drug test on such a short notice, so I got two of these drinks in case one does not work. I am very worried – what if that does not help? How do I make sure that the second drink will work if the first one fails?

    -          Well, first of all you cannot consume two detox drinks back to back – that will dilute your urine and will not help you pass a test. If you want a back-up plan since your toxin level is very high – get a synthetic urine, that is always good to have if you cannot flush out your system in time.

    -          Oh, that is great! Thank you so much!

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  • December 19th, 2012

    Detox Dieting

    If you are trying to detoxify your body, a low fat, low sugar diet is important. The detectable byproducts of drug use are called metabolites and they are stored in the fatty tissues of the human body. We all know there is no magic pill to rid the body of fat cells. Only dieting and exercise can break down fat cells. THC metabolites are the most stubborn and require a three pronged plan of attack to successfully detoxify the body. The most important part is exercise followed by dieting and use of the premium 7 day detox kit.


    You don’t want to add fatty tissues and you will want to reduce or avoid altogether fatty foods and sweetened foods. You do want to eat plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. You can easily replace empty calories from foods that have high sugar content and high saturated fat content with more nutritious foods that will give you more energy and health benefits. The key is to replace saturated fats found in red meat, bacon, and butter with healthier monounsaturated fats found in canola oil, peanut oil, olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds and polyunsaturated fats found in sunflower, corn, soybean, fish and flax seed. To start a low fat / low sugar diet, shop for vegetables and whole grain foods that are low in sugar, lean meats and fish that are low in fat, and dairy products that are either low-fat or nonfat. Beans and soy products are also low-fat sources of protein.


    The premium detox 7 day kit will help expel all drugs and toxins from the body, usually in about 7 to 14 days depending on your body size. The Herbal Clean Master Tea is a great compliment to the premium detox 7 day kit and a delicious drink that has been known for ages as natural antioxidant, diuretic and energizer. This detox tea gives you a real chance to speed up the flow of urine in your body and cleanse it. This detox tea is powered by the finest natural herbs, widely recognized to have cleansing qualities.


    Another of our ways to pass drug test are our same day detox drinks and detox pills and are great urine cleansers.  These are most effective if used about two hours before your urine drug test and provides clean urine for three to five hours. These anti drug testing combination of detox drink and detox pill are powerful and you should consult our detox professionals at 866-600-8820 before ordering.

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  • December 18th, 2012

    Colon Cleanse

    A colon is not just a punctuation mark consisting of two equally sized dots centered on the same vertical line.  The colon is also referred to as your large intestine.  The colon removes salt, water and other nutrients from your body resulting in a stool.  There are billions of bacteria lining the colon walls that maintain a healthy and rapid excretion of unwanted waste from your body.  It is important that we maintain a healthy colon as there are a number of serious health problems that can result from a diseased colon, not least among them being colon cancer.  Using a dietary supplement like System Fresh can help you maintain a healthy colon.  System fresh contains all natural ingredients like Fennel Seed, Barberry Root, Ginger Root, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Raspberry Leaf, Senna Leaf, Slippery Elm Bark and Turkey Rhubarb Root.  All of these natural herbs are very powerful diuretics that help cleanse the system of harmful toxins as well as unwanted metabolites like THC.

    System Fresh is designed to be used as a daily supplement to counteract the effects of harmful toxins that we ingest on a regular basis.  The colon can be affected by any number of problems like parasites, bad diet, stress, drugs or chemicals that we ingest. Mucus buildup in the colon and harmful toxins are not conducive to leading a healthy lifestyle so adding System Fresh to your daily routine can help prevent major problems down the road.  It can help you increase the body’s fiber intake and help restore your body’s natural ability to eliminate unhealthy toxins and continue proper bowel function.  It can also improve your body’s food tolerance, help you improve skin appearance, reduce cellulite and enhance your body’s immune function.

    When your colon is not functioning properly it can become toxic leading to the development of chronic health problems like colitis, Crohn’s disease, Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, diarrhea, colon polyps and even colon cancer.  It is important for everyone to undergo a colonoscopy when they approach the age of fifty, especially men.  The fifty year mark is about when most people are told by their doctors to have this procedure done but it is not necessary to wait that long.  You can have it done anytime you feel that you are experiencing discomfort and checking with your doctor first. Waiting too long may prove to be fatal in some cases.

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  • December 17th, 2012

    Detox program – what do I do? Part 2

    -         Complete cleansing kits are designed to get rid of all kinds of toxins from your body. Mainly, those types of detox programs consist of herbs and vitamins – all natural ingredients that help your body to detoxify in a natural manner, just faster than it can do so in its own. Of course, eating right, exercising and keeping well-hydrated by consuming large amounts of fluids will aid the detoxifying process. However, it is almost impossible to get completely clean in a very short period of time, especially when the drug in question is marijuana. Unlike other toxins, THC metabolites are stored in your fat tissue, and cannot be simply flushed away with water. Detox kits that are designed to help you detoxify will speed up the process, and if it says on the package that it will take at least seven days, then stick to it. Taking more pills than directed not only may make you sick, but also will be useless since your body can absorb only so much and process out x-amount of metabolites a day.

    -         Ok, so I cannot take all the pills at the same time – I figured that would not work… Should I try to postpone the drug testing then so I can finish all the capsules, or can I go on the same day when I take the last dose?

    -         Detox pills will be increasing the actual toxin level in your urine as your body is being cleansed, so it is suggested you wait a couple days for the things to settle before taking your urine drug test.

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  • December 14th, 2012

    Pre-treatment before a hair follicle drug test

    We get a lot of calls from very anxious customers who are very afraid they cannot pass their hair drug test. The first thing we tell them is to relax; we then review our hair shampoo for drug tests. If they are taking a saliva drug test or urine drug we will review what detox products to use to pass a drug test.


    Pre-treatment before a hair follicle drug test is very important and vital to passing your drug test. The pre-treatment process should be done multiple times before the test and should conclude with using Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser and/or ZYDOT Ultra Clean Shampoo and conditioner the day of the hair test. Using Neutrogena T/Sal Shampoo and plain household vinegar is the key. Many of our successful customers prefer to use Apple cider vinegar because it has a more bearable smell. The Neutrogena T/Sal Shampoo has 3% salicylic acid in it and the vinegar is a mild acid as well. This helps in stripping the toxins away that are on the outside of the hair strand and helps to open up the hair for the detox shampoo. See our Macujo / GMAN method blog post (August 15th, 2012) for detailed instructions on properly preparing for a hair follicle drug test.


    Our experience has shown that pre-treatment followed by the combination of two different hair detox shampoos, makes the best hair follicle test shampoo to pass a drug test. The Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser used with the ZYDOT Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner is our strongest 1 – 2 punch products to pass hair drug test. Hair drug tests are primarily designed to find hard drugs like Oxycontin, opiates, cocaine and amphetamines. These drugs bond very tightly to hair and are easily detected. Marijuana on the other hand does not bond easily with hair and hair follicle drug test is the easiest drug test to beat if you use marijuana. This is only guaranteed pass drug test if you use our hair test shampoo.


    Not properly preparing for a hair drug test can result in a THC positive drug test result. So speak with one of our trained detox professionals prior to ordering hair shampoo for drug test. Just call 866-600-8820. This will insure you get the right hair detox products that guarantee you pass your hair follicle drug test.

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  • December 13th, 2012

    Did You Study For Your Test? (Part 9)

    We have covered the hair drug test, the urine drug test and the saliva drug test.  The only test that is left for detecting drugs in the system is the blood test.  There is no at home blood test that you can do to prepare for an official blood drug test.  However, there are ways to detox your blood more rapidly than just letting your natural metabolism take over.  There are dietary supplements that will expedite the removal of harmful toxins and drug metabolites like THC from your blood, saliva and urinary tract in about ten to twenty days depending on factors like your body weight, age, metabolic rate and history of usage.

    Blood tests are used less frequently than hair, urine or saliva tests because they are more invasive and difficult to administer.  They are usually reserved for accident investigation, DUI investigation or injuries occurring on the job.  The blood test is a more accurate measure of recent drug use and active drug presence in the system.

    Flushing toxins from your blood is not just essential for passing a drug test but it is vital for a more healthy and productive life.  Any time various drugs are ingested, harmful metabolites are left behind and it takes time for our bodies to naturally cleanse themselves.  Some toxins can stay in our system indefinitely like heavy metals that are ingested from using certain cooking materials such as copper and aluminum.  Inhaling smog can leave behind traces of chemicals that can damage organs and blood cells.  Nicotine, THC and other pollutants can be purged from your system using supplements like the Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program and the Stinger 7 Day Liquid. These supplements are designed to expel unwanted metabolites from our blood and also enhance liver and kidney function.  Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program is a program of capsules that you would take daily for a period of ten to twenty days while adhering to a sensible diet and exercise program.  For those who dislike taking pills the Stinger 7 Day Liquid may be a viable alternative. The same diet and exercise program is recommended but you can take tablespoons of the Stinger 7 Day Liquid or mix it with water and drink it to achieve the same results.  These are natural, safe and effective ways to rejuvenate your system and flush out harmful pollutants that you have managed to accumulate over the years.

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  • December 12th, 2012

    Detox program – what do I do? Part 1

    It does not happen too often, but sometimes people need to get completely clean from all sorts of toxins in a very short period of time.  For such situations, there are complete cleansing kits specifically designed to aid the body in getting rid of toxins once and for all. But it is not as easy as it may seem. Even though these kits are used for permanent cleanse, you still have to wait some period of time while the program starts to work. A detox program is not designed to get you cleansed over night and there are some things you have to do to help your body detox.

    -          Hi there! I got this premium detox 7 day kit, and I wanted to ask some questions about it. My test is in a week, but I did not start on the capsules yet. I wanted to know – do I have to stick to instructions, or can I take more capsules a day? I need to get clean faster than seven days, but I want to make sure it will work. I have been a pretty heavy user in the past, smoking practically every day, but once I got an opportunity to get a job I quit right away. So technically I have been clean for almost two weeks now, but I know I am dirty because I tested myself at home with one of those instant drug tests. So now I got this complete detox program I wanted to see if I can get clean faster than a week from now.

    To be continued…

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  • December 11th, 2012

    Detox Cost … Getting what you can afford

    Here at MB Detox, we often get calls from customers who really need to pass a drug test guaranteed. First, we review their situation and then suggest the detox products we feel will best return the desired results … Then comes the discussion of cost and the conversation can then take a different course. Many of our products are reasonably priced and for extra assurance, are money back guaranteed.  However some customers have difficulties spending $100 or more on detox products while other customers recognize that it is a minimal investment for what is returned. For instance, if the job you are testing for is paying over $35,000 per year then $100 is a minor investment to make and could be the best investment of your life. Successful business people think like this all the time to make financial decisions in the billions of dollars range. If you are testing for court related reasons, then just look at what you will stand to lose if you do test positive. This could cost you not only your freedom, but your job too.

    The least expensive anti drug test available is the synthetic urine. This product is only for pee tests and passing a urine drug test. It’s also what we strongly recommend if our customer has a history of frequent and heavy drug usage or has a high body weight. Our premium detox 7 day detox kit works best for those who have quit drugs and wish to completely clean their body. It is also guaranteed to pass a drug test and is very effective as a body drug detox. The premium detox 7 day detox kit will help expel all drugs and toxins from the body, usually in about 7 to 14 days. The Herbal Clean Master Tea is a great compliment to the premium detox 7 day detox kit. This all natural detox drink has been known for ages as natural antioxidant, diuretic and energizer. This detox tea gives you a real chance to speed up the flow of urine in your body and cleanse it.


    Another of our ways to pass drug test are our same day detox drink and detox pills combination. These are great fast acting urine cleansers and are most effective if used about two hours before a urine drug test and provides clean urine for about five hours. These anti drug testing combinations of detox drink and detox pills are very this is why when our customers call we must review their exact needs. First we need to know if they are taking a urine drug test, hair drug test or saliva drug test or blood drug test. This is important because each has different ways of how to detox to pass a drug test guaranteed.

    These anti drug testing combinations are powerful detection time eliminators and you should consult one of our detox professionals at866-600-8820 before placing an ordering.


    We know that money can be tight these days So when you call to place an order be sure to inform our detox professions if cost is a factor. They can then be sure to  get you the best detox products base on your individual situation.

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  • December 10th, 2012

    Did You Study For Your Test? (Part 8)

    We have gone over the procedures needed to conduct a home urine drug test and a home saliva drug test but is there a hair test that you can test yourself with?  Not exactly.  There is a procedure that you can tell what substances may be found in your hair if you are going to be subjected to a hair follicle test.

    The Home Hair Test Kit will enable you to provide your own hair sample to an independent laboratory for an evaluation to determine if there is THC or any other drug metabolites present in your hair before you go and submit your sample to a lab for official testing.  Time is of the essence though so you must act quickly in order to receive your results back in enough time to take the appropriate measures.  The results are certified by an independent lab and it takes about two business days AFTER the lab receives your hair sample to receive your results.  The independent lab will screen for THC, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamines, MDMA (ecstasy) and PCP.

    There are complete instructions with the Home Hair Test Kit and also a chain of custody form that should be provided with your hair sample assuring the lab that you did not take your own hair sample (you must have a third party clip the hair follicles) and the proper collection containers for your sample.

    The standard hair test will check for the last three months of potential drug use.  Since the human hair grows at an approximate rate of one half inch per month the testing facilities will want to take a one and one half inch sample from the scalp.  Any drugs ingested generally take up to a week to appear in the hair follicle.  Close attention to detail is required when submitting your sample and required paperwork to the lab otherwise the sample may be rejected.

    Should the independent lab return that there are drug metabolites in your hair then this will enable you to be prepared to use some detox shampoo to pass a hair follicle drug test.

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  • December 7th, 2012

    What’s the deal?

    What is a detox product? A little something that can help you pass a drug test. There are various types of drug tests, so there are various detox products to be used in every situation. For instance, if you have a urine drug test you do not need to use a detoxifying shampoo, but if you have a hair drug test, you will definitely need one. So you better make sure you know what type of drug test you will have!

    -         Hello, I was wondering if I can ask you a quick question? I just need to make sure I got the right detox product. I need to pass a hair drug test in a few days, and I have this body cleanser, I just want to make sure it will work. It says on the instructions to stay clean for a minimum of 48 hours before the test, I have been clean only for a day – do you think it will work?

    - What type of body cleanser do you have? If you have a hair drug test, you will need a detox shampoo.

    - Why, the drink will not work? It says it cleanses the whole body of all toxins.

    - Detox drinks usually work only for urine drug test, not for anything else, definitely not for hair. It is a dead element with no blood flow in it, so it is impossible to clean hair from the inside, only topical application of a detox shampoo will work for this type of drug testing.

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