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  • September 28th, 2012

    Drug Detection Time: Benzodiazepines in The Saliva Part 2

    Drug Detection Time: Benzodiazepines in The Saliva Part 2

    The good news is you had some back pain and your friend gave you one of her xanax to relieve your pain.  The bad news is that you found out that you have to take a saliva test in a few days.  The good news is that drugs like xanax, valium and many other benzodiazepines are only detectable in your saliva anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending upon how much you use them and your body weight and metabolism.

    Saliva tests are becoming more common for routine pre employment drug screenings because they are less intrusive and they reflect recent drug activity more accurately than urine, blood or hair tests.  Using a quality detox mouthwash will assure your passing a saliva drug test but you must first refrain from using any substances for at least a 24 hour period before you are to provide a sample.

    Because your mouth is constantly producing saliva the detection time of any unwanted toxins is much shorter that it is for a urine drug test or a blood test. Saliva tests are easier to administer because there is no need for the privacy of the subject using the bathroom like in a urine test.  There is no long term wait for a blood sample to be taken by a medical professional in a lab or hospital and a few days wait like there would be with a hair follicle test.  Benzodiazepines move through your system rather quickly, unlike THC which can be detected in the urine for up to a few months.

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