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  • July 11th, 2012

    Vitamins That Help With Detox Vitamin B3

    Vitamin B3 also known as Niacin is one of the vitamins that people will tell you to take a whole bunch of on your test day so that you can pass a drug test.  Well if you do that there is a good chance that you will be doubled over with stomach pains and an even greater chance that you will fail your drug test. High doses of niacin are dangerous, even toxic.

    Niacin has many benefits for the human body but helping you give a clean urine sample on short notice isn’t one of them.  For that you would need a detox drink.  Don’t get me wrong, niacin is one of the many ingredients in detox product but by itself is not going to help you pass a drug test.  If you want to pass any drug test guaranteed you have to stop using drugs and make sure your blood, urine and saliva are clean and use detox shampoo in your hair, or use some detox products to pass a drug test.

    Vitamin B3 or Niacin helps the body to convert food into energy and help your body use fats and proteins to give you healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver.  It also helps with making sure your nervous system is operating properly and improves circulation.  Good sources of vitamin B3 are fish, poultry, beef liver, bread, cereals and peanuts.  Remember, if you need to know what to take to pass a drug test then ask someone who has used a detox product to pass a drug test.  Don’t just take someone’s word for it.

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