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  • May 7th, 2022

    Asian Women Mag

    Asian Females magazine can be described as fashion and lifestyle newspaper targeted at South Asian women. It was founded in June 2k and produced its primary issue in 2001. It really is published simply by Smart Oriental Media, which can be run by simply Samina Saeed and Sarwar Ahmed. It features style, makeup, foodstuff and way of life stories that appeal to women numerous.

    The magazine covers all of the aspects of contemporary Asian life, from health to human relationships to travel and leisure. Challenging considered the asian dating site for free Asian comparable of Glamour. Its coverage ranges from style, beauty, and lifestyle to relationship information, career recommendations, travel, and entertainment. It has been a successful system for popular brands to break into the South Hard anodized cookware market.

    The publication’s mission is usually to provide a words for women of South Asian descent inside the greater Boston area. The magazine aims to give these women a voice in the community and commemorate their accomplishments. It features interviews, dating profiles, and honest symbol photography that celebrate the talents and successes of modern Cookware women.

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