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  • December 9th, 2009

    2 lines means?

    Some customers are so worried about passing their test that they can literally call 10 times a day to make sure they will pass. Not to long ago I had a customer call.

    MB Detox, how can I help you?”

    “Hi, my name is *** and I placed an order with you about a month ago. I ordered 2 7-day premium detox kits. I completed the first kit and am half way through the second one.”

    “Ok, good. So what can I help you with?”

    “I also got 2 dipsticks and tested myself. One of the lines is bright and the other one is a little lighter. Am I passing?”

    “Yes, you are passing. If you have 2 lines that means you are passing.”

    “Ok, Thank you!”

    Ten minutes later we get another call

    MB Detox, how can I help you?”

    “Are you sure I am passing? Even if the other line is a little lighter, just a little lighter.”

    “Yes mam, you are passing. Even if the line was very faint you are still passing. As long as there are 2 visible lines, you are fine.”

    “Well… the line is not faint its almost the same color as the other one, so I’m fine right? How sure are you that I will pass? Are you really sure I will pass? Can there be something wrong with the test? Did I dip the stick in the right way? Maybe I dipped it in too much? Is that possible?”

    She kept repeating herself over and over. I was getting annoyed. I told her 10 times that she will pass, has nothing to worry about and if the tester is showing 2 lines she will be fine. I explained that dipstick has the same cut off level as most labs, and if she passing with it, then she will pass.

    “If you were to take a test in an hour, 5 hours or tomorrow, you would pass it!”

    “Tomorrow?! No… my test is not for another 2 weeks. And I still have half of the 7 day kit left.”

    I calmly said: “Mam, if you are passing now and still have 2 weeks left, then why are you so worried? The toxins cannot reenter your body themselves so you will be fine. Don’t worry!”

    “I just wanted to make sure, Thanks, Bye.”

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