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  • February 16th, 2010

    A yummy way to fail

    Most people believe everything that they hear. One customer needed to pass a saliva test. He asked his friends and some people on how he could pass the test. He was a heavy smoker of THC and would smoke everyday.

    He called a couple weeks ago:

    “Hi, I needed to pass a saliva test a week ago. I knew about this test for about a week and did not want to stop smoking. I asked around about ways to pass a test and different people told me different things. A couple people said to eat salt and vinegar chips before I go take my test. They thought that the salt and vinegar part would help conceal the toxins in my mouth. I thought this was a good idea since I love salt and vinegar chips. I really thought I would pass. I took the test and failed. Not only did I fail but after eating that many chips I had a stomach ache for 3 days. They are letting me retake my test; can you suggest something I can use to pass a saliva test?”

    “I would recommend you stay clean for at least 48 hours and use mouthwash. You would use it as close to the test as possible and it will keep your saliva clean for the first 30 minutes.”

    I explained a little more about the mouthwash. He purchased it.  The customer called back a couple days after his test and thanked me for suggesting this product.

    “Thank you very much. I passed. It was a lot easier to use this then to stuff my mouth with 4 bags of chips and it was a lot easier on my stomach.”

    We both laughed.

    “Have a good day sir.”

    No home remedies work for saliva tests. Your mouth is constantly salivating and producing new saliva. We have heard a lot of different home remedies to pass a saliva test and none of them have worked properly.

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