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  • October 23rd, 2012

    Choosing a right product – part 1

    It is never easy to pass a drug testing for people who cannot stop using before the test, or when the drug tests themselves come unexpected. Random drug testing is really a pain in the neck, but if you want to keep the job – you have to figure out a way to pass them, and how to find the right product to assist you with that.

    -         Hi, someone told me this is the number to call if you have a question about drug test. I hope you can help me… I am a very heavy user, 220 lbs, 6’2”, but I also exercise regularly, I try to stay active. The problem is – I am a subject to a random drug testing. I have not had one yet, and the longer they do not do it, the more I am freaking out. I think they may call me next week, or maybe not, I have no clue! In any case, I cannot stop smoking. I suffer from anxiety and without having a puff or two at night before I go to bed will kill me, I mean, not literally, but without it I cannot relax. So how can pass a random drug test without quitting smoking? I know none of those detox product will work for me in this situation…

    -         You are right, for a flushing product to work properly you need to stay free from any toxins for a few days before using it. However, there is an option – you can use synthetic urine. It is a clean urine sample in a bottle that has all human urine characteristics: pH level, specific gravity, creatine level, and so on. The only thing you have to worry is heating it up.

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