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  • January 16th, 2010

    Echinacea is a key ingredient

    While reading about random ingredients in Detox products not sold by us. I came across this specific ingredient found in a lot of products. Considering it is one of the most added and higher up on the ingredient chart this means there is more of this than anything else further down the list.

    Echinacea is an immunomodulator is a substance (e. g. a drug) which has an effect on the immune system. There are two types of effects – immunostimulation and immunosuppression.

    Echinacea is also known as Goldenseal it is the root of the plant that is usually formed into a pill form and was widely taken during the 1970’s and so on the help pass urine tests before they became more difficult to pass.

    Echinacea is and herbal remedy that was said to have shortened the common cold, heal external sores on the body, prevent or treat yeast infections to name a few. Studies have been performed for many years by many well known colleges such as Harvard and Oxford. The news is now out and there is no proof that this specific herb treats or heals anything.

    Pretty disappointing? Well the breakdown of this herb has shown that even though some may not see the side effects this herb is almost like smoking THC/Marijuana. Studies and scientists have been able to prove that the herb has the same effect as Marijuana just not as potent.

    The scientists say the study shows Echinacea Alkylamides bind to the human CB2 and CB1 cannabinoid receptors. These Alkylamides have and will have similar potency to Marijuana at the CB2 receptor. However, this is only when Echinacea Angustifolia & Echinacea Purpurea has been ingested. The plant Echinacea Pallida does not have the same effect.

    This does not mean if you take this you will walk around just as stoned as you would be smoking Marijuana but it does explain the same side effects i.e. drowsiness, increased appetite etc.

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