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  • December 10th, 2009

    Hair Test. Test Procedure.

    As we mentioned earlier, a hair sample can be obtained from anywhere in the body. A qualified sample should be at least 1 – 1 ½ in length; if the hair on the head is shorter than that, a sample can be obtained from anywhere else on the body, so shorthaired people should be prepared – the procedure might be different. Also, trying to beat a test by shaving your hair bold will not work – hair from your chest, arms, underarms, stomach, back, legs, pubic area can be used as a sample, even from eyebrows in rare cases. On rare occasions, hair sample can be pulled out instead of being cut off, which is more painful and impossible to beat, as any Detox shampoo cannot penetrate deep into the scalp. Normally, hair on the body grows slower than the hair on the head, so the detection time for bodily hair can go as far back as a year.

    Dying or bleaching your hair also will not work, since the drug metabolites cannot be removed by simply changing the color of the hair. Bleaching or chemical washing will destroy the hair structure but will not rid of toxins since it can be done only by removing the hair itself. As we mentioned before, drug metabolites are deep inside of the hair, not on top of it. So, bleaching will make you fail, shaving hair off might get you in a bigger pickle.

    Detoxifying shampoo (hair cleanser) will penetrate deeper into the cortex and also will create organic layer around it, concealing toxins from inside and outside. Make sure to follow the instructions and submit a sample within several hours after applying it.

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