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  • September 2nd, 2013


    This is the unofficial end of summer. Quite a few partiers will take this opportunity to enjoy some of the choice inhaled delights of the marijuana plant or other party favors while celebrating this Labor Day holiday. This can have dire consequences for many because all employers know that the Memorial Day weekend is a “High Time” for many of their staff and may conduct random drug screenings after the weekend. If by chance you do indulged in some extra “party” activities and you are employed at a drug free workplace then DON’T PANIC and don’t make the mistake of thinking “Oh I just had a little bit” … even a single hit can register as a positive up to 5 days after using. It’s probably not worth the risk. When used correctly detox products do work so it is best to call, speak with one of our detox professionals and get the product best for you!
    There are a variety of detoxifying products that we offer that will help you to pass a drug test. Our premium detox 7 day detox kit works best for those who have quit drugs and speed up their detection time by completely cleaning their body. It is also guaranteed to pass a drug test and is very effective as a body drug detox. The premium detox 7 day detox kit will help expel all drugs and toxins from the body, usually in about 7 to 14 days. The Herbal Clean Master Tea compliment s the premium detox 7 day detox kit and is a delicious too. This natural detox drink has been known for ages as natural antioxidant, diuretic and energizer. This detox tea gives you a real chance to speed up the flow of urine in your body and cleanse it. Another of our ways to pass drug test are our same day detox drink and detox pills combination. These are great fast acting urine cleansers and are most effective if used about two hours before a urine drug test and provides clean urine for about five hours. These anti drug testing combinations of detox drink and detox pills are very powerful products, this is why when our customers call we must review their exact needs. First, we need to know if they are taking a urine drug test, hair drug test or saliva drug test or blood drug test. This is important because each has different ways of how to detox to pass a drug test guaranteed.

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