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  • April 9th, 2010

    How does that work?

    “Does it work” and “How does it work” – are two most frequently asked questions. The answer for the first one is “Yes,” and the second one requires a little more explanation.

    -         Good afternoon. I got this product and I am reading through the label, and in ingredients it says that there is creatine in this drink. What is it? And how does that help?

    -         When they do a urine drug test, they not only check for toxins, but also for PH level, specific gravity, creatinine level, etc. Creatinine is a measure of kidney functions to determine how dilute a urine sample is. As creatine passes through the body, it is metabolized into creatinine.

    -         I see. So, can I just take creatine supplements? Why do I need to take this drink?

    -         Detox products contain creatine in addition to other vitamins and supplement, a combination of which makes it possible to provide a clean sample on a test.

    -         Aha. So drinking all that water won’t make me fail? What is the acceptable level of creatinine that they need?

    -         Creatinine level has to be below 20 mg/dl for the sample to be considered too diluted. Levels above the 20 mg/dl are considered acceptable.

    Detox products are created specifically to make you pass a test. All the ingredients are combined in perfect proportions to give you the successful results. While flushing the toxins out of the urine, a detox drink keeps the urine from dilution keeping creatinine level according to the norm.

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