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  • October 22nd, 2009

    Is it possible to pass a urine test if…

    Is it possible to pass a urine test if a person was clean for 1 month and then smoked the residue on their bowl? What if his test was in 2 days?
    A friend of mine had a situation like this one. He was clean for one month, which still meant he had some toxins left in his body and then 2 days before his test he decided to smoke the residue on his bowl. Now, my friend weighs about 240lbs and the bowl he smoked had A LOT of residue. He tried to flush himself out as much as possible by drinking water and cranberry juice. He also purchased a couple Detox drinks that he could drink to pass his test. He drank one drink the day after he smoked and one drink the day before his test and figured he was clean. NOT!! He took his test and failed. He had no idea he was supposed to drink the Detox drink on the day of his test 2 hours before. Luckily, the company let him re-test. He purchased a 20oz QCarbo drink, drank it 2 hours before with 4 super boost tablets, and passed his test.

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