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  • June 30th, 2010


    Sometimes knowing how to use a product is not enough. Directions on a bottle seem to be not sufficient and you just want to make sure you got all the answers before you go for the test.

    - Hi, I have a quick question for you – I got this synthetic urine, and I want to know how to use it.
    - It is an already pre-mixed sample, all you need to do is pre-heat it to the body temperature and submit this clean sample.
    - Yeah, I got that part, but how am I supposed to bring this in?
    - Oh, I’m sorry, we cannot discuss this part of the testing. It is completely up to you.
    - Well, do I out it in my pants? In my socks? How do people do it?
    - Once again, I cannot talk about it.
    - Do I tape it to my leg? What if they search me? I don’t know what to do here…
    - I’m sorry, sir, but I cannot help you here. Sometimes they do have a right to search you before the test, or at least to ask you to empty out the pockets. If you are not comfortable with using synthetic urine, you can get a detox kit – consume it couple hours before the test and have your own urine cleansed for a sample.
    - Oh, how does that work? Do I have to quit before the test.
    - You certainly do – you need to reduce toxin level before using a detox kit.
    - No, no, I cannot do it, that’s why I want the fake urine thing so I don’t have to quit. All right, I’ll figure something out. Thanks.

    Some products are easier to use than others, and if you are not comfortable with one, there is always something else you can use. Synthetic urine does not require any preparation before the test, but you need to make sure you are comfortable with submitting a sample from a bottle. A detox kit requires drug abstinence for at least two days before the test, and your own urine will be cleansed of all the toxins. You choose which one is right for you.

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