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  • August 10th, 2010

    Medical vs. Workplace drug testing

    When it comes to workplace drug testing the prospect employee has access to the policy and procedures of drug testing and the outcome of what happens with a failed drug test. Almost all of the sates have policy if you have a positive result for a drug test then your employment will be terminated or you will not get the job. This is why employers have these policies written in black and white for there protection. Also there is a Federal Chain of Custody form that needs to be signed by all parties who handle the specimen.

    When you are offered employment the company informs you either on the application, through a form, or in person that a drug test is required. If you have used in the past or are currently using now is the time to stop and attempt to detox your body from any and all toxins. You are given time to plan your test weather it be 24 hours or whenever it is convenient for you. There are plenty of detox drinks, pills, shampoos, urines, and kits available out on the market to try or know that they will work.

    Now when it comes to Medical Testing this is a whole different story. Medical testing could mean anything. The only thing you need to know is Medical Testing is used for Medical Purposes ONLY. Your physician, specialist, etc. cannot release this information to anyone for any reasons other then medical treatment and or knowledge. Most of the time doctors perform medical drug testing on you and you don’t even know there doing it. For example drawing blood for a reason you may be sick. They drug test that. Another example if your complaining of a urine problem the will collect your urine test it for problems and then drug test it. Same thing for hair test. So the next time you go to a physician and your having a problem and there is a possibility you may need to submit blood, urine, hair, saliva then you should probably jump on a detox product right away.

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