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  • January 23rd, 2010

    Need prescriptions to show but not street drugs?

    Well the answer is very easy in this situation. I have a lot of phone calls from customers who need there prescription medications to show up in a urine test yet the medication is not good enough so they recreationally use Marijuana/THC to ease the pain which is medically legal in 32 different states might I ad.

    The detox products that we carry are simple to use some of them may require a bit of your time or some may require drinking extra fluids. The manufacturer asks that you abstain from using anything for at least 48 hours prior to your drug testing. I like to say the longer you can stay clean the better the product will work for you. This does not mean “smoke a joint the night before your test” chances are detox will not work for you then.

    On a side note you have to remember by using drugs and medications you are allowing your body to become accustomed to having these toxins in it. It is very important to stay off of the drug you do not want to show in you urine as long as possible. There are many factors that will keep these “bad” toxins in your system. Things such as a persons weight, metabolism, food intake, and history of the use of the drug. These hold a big impact on weather or not this is going to work or not.

    So here are the simple directions. You know a drug test is coming up. You need your medication to show but you smoke once a day to ease the pain the medicine doesn’t.
    Step one stop smoking and continue taking your medication.
    Step two head the manufacturers warning by stopping any toxins not needed in the body. Step three keep taking your prescriptions as directed.
    Step four the day of your test make sure you have purchased additional testing devices for the prescriptions you need to show so when you test for what you DO NOT want it shows passing and the ones you DO need shows failing. This will ultimately tell you that the street drug is not showing but your prescriptions are.

    Funny way to see your self failing but it will allow you to pass your test.

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