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  • December 29th, 2009

    Parents, teens and music

    How do we find what’s good in life? Kids do not usually refer to their parents’ opinions to know right from wrong.

    I got a call from a very worried mother whose son was about to be drug tested – he was involved in some kind of sport activity at his school. The mother had double feelings about the whole situation:

    -         I love my son, he is such a good boy, never misbehaves, but I have a reason to doubt him passing a drug test. What do I do? I think he smokes pot, but he will never admit it to me! He locks his room, puts the music really loud and I think I can smell pot from underneath the door.

    -         When is his test? And what type of test is it?

    -         I think the test is in two weeks, I’m not sure. He needs to pass a urine test. I will get anything that we need to pass! Please!

    -         Ma’am, you need to talk with your son and get everything out in the open first. How can you make him take a product if you’re not even sure if he’s using anything?

    -         Oh, I will make him! This is very important and he is in no position to miss out on an opportunity like this! I assure you, I will make him do anything I tell him to do!

    I gave her a recommendation that will work for a basic urine test and left the convincing the young man to stop smoking before his test to the mother.

    Not kids, but young adults are more influenced by pop culture rather than their parents and their values. According to a recent study conducted among a thousand ninth-graders, teens listen to 3.1 hours of music with 40 marijuana references. A correlation whether songs with drug references compel teens to drug use or if users are drawn to such music is not established, but we can clearly see that drugs, marijuana in particular, becomes a part of life pretty early.

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