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  • August 6th, 2010

    School’s testing teens…beat them at there own game

    I was reading up on an article today about Schools being allowed to monitor and drug test teens.

    Wait a minute these teens are under the age of 18 and require a “neutral adult” to stand guard as they submit a urine sample? Meaning and it is written in the transcript “A neutral adult must standby and witness the subject urinate in the specimen cup”. A little invasive don’t you think?

    So for the mean time more and more schools are testing their pupils for drugs and alcohol, which is illegal to consume if you are in fact a minor. I have also been getting a ton of calls from parents who do know of there children using and are trying to help them get into the schools.

    If you found yourself in this position jump on a detox product as soon as possible and begin the detox process right away. There are numerous products like: Detox Drinks, pills, urines, etc. Make sure they understand the importance of staying clean during this process and explain how this happens later on in life as well when you are trying to find work. It is always there decision if they are going to stop.

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